Monday, 29 December 2008

Cintecele Diavolui

Badly produced synth songs. It sounds like a 70s b-list gothic horror. Only one short album released by this side project of Mortiis, titled "The Devil's Songs". Almost entirely darkly twisted instrumental, though talking and hoarse whispers appear on some tracks. Very primitive.



Horrible, messy and lo-fi black metal. Subject matter concerns itself with aliens and related phenomena. Samples from alien reports are heard, as well as disgusting vocals reverbed to hell and back.


Cyrax and Flyrax

These are videos that look like they were thrown together in Windows Movie Maker, sampling still pictures and footage. Often the audio for tracks will comprise one long piece of audio footage from a documentary or radio show. The music varies between songs, from lo-fi ambience to repetitive electronics. Subject matter is concerned with conspiracies and cryptozoology.

Here's a couple of juicy morsels. Check the rest out too, though.